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Welcome to A1TE.com

Your No.1 Source For Affordable Traffic Exchanges

A1TE is operated by 3 Traffic Exchange owners who have 20yrs combined experience in the industry. With our 'Total Support Solution' you can rest assured that you will never be alone if you have any problems. We are normally available by email 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we do respond very quickly.
All of our exchange options use the New and powerful A1TXpro script (click the 'Features' button on the left to see a full list) and all include...
  • Free upgrades (when available and after testing on our own exchanges).
  • 7 Payment Modules.
  • Prize Pages built in.
  • Splash Pages built in.
4 Ways To Get Your Own Traffic Exchange With A1TE

Order New
Choose your own sub-domain name and we will create a new Exchange for you, you can then customise it as you wish. Click the 'Order New' button on the left for full details.

These Exchanges (when available) have had previous owner/admin and are looking to be adopted, most will have a member base already, most will have some customisation in place and possibly promotion banners. Click the 'Adoptions' button on the left for full details.

Rent 2 Own   
These are Exchanges (when available) that have been professionally designed, have a top level domain name and most will have a member base, sites and banners in place. We offer 2 payment options for you to acquire one of these exchanges. Click the 'Rent 2 Own' button on the left for full details.

Buy A Licensed Copy Of The Script
If you have your own domain name and hosting, you can buy a licensed copy of the script and install it on your domain. Or if you have an existing traffic exchange and wish to move to a new script, this is the option for you. There are 2 payment options available to get you started. Click the 'Buy Script' button on the left for more details.

***You are advised to read our 'Terms' before you order any of our options.***

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