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A1TE.com Traffic Exchange Order New

We are now offering a new deal that should help you to get established without breaking the bank. To get you started we require a setup fee of $12.99, and 1 month up front of $17.99, a total of just $30.98, after that you benefit from our standard reduced monthly fee of $16.99.

This is the perfect option for those who require a blank canvas to work with, you choose your own sub-domain name (you will be asked to supply this on our thank you page after payment has been made) and we create a new exchange for you. You are then able to customise the exchange to your own liking, we do offer some help with HTML/CSS in the early stages, but we do not supply graphics or banners without additional fees. Whatever you decide, our 'Total Support Solution' is in place to help you.

Here is a quick reminder of what you will get...
Full function Traffic Exchange with the New and powerful A1TXpro script, 7 payment modules, script updates, full hosting and expert help and support from experienced owners who use this script daily.

To order, simply press one of the 'Subscribe' buttons below. This will create a 'Subscription for you with PayPal . Your first payment will be $30.98 then each month you will be charged $16.99.
By pressing the button below you are agreeing to and accepting our Terms, if you have not read them, please do so before continuing this process.

Important: After payment you should be redirected to our thank you page where you will be asked to supply more details. If for some reason this does not happen, please contact us and include a copy of your PayPal receipt.
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