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Member Features
  • News Area seen when Members first login
  • Help Guide in all Member Areas
  • User Friendly Menu for Member Area
  • Secure and Accurate Auto and Manual Surf Bars
  • Auto Surf/Manual Surf Separate Timers
  • Progressive surf ratios (controlled by admin), surf today and benefit tomorrow
  • Automatically Allocated Credits for Auto Surfing
  • Automatically Allocated Credits for Manual Surfing
  • Auto Surfers Surf only Sites with Auto Credits
  • Manual Surfers Surf only Sites with Manual Credits
  • Manual Surf Bar Easy Read Turing Numbers
  • Progressive surf ratios Incentive for Members to Surf Daily
  • Ability for Members to Report Abusive Sites
  • Bonus Credits for Surfing "x" amount of sites
  • Members Edit Profile including email address
  • Members Edit their own URL's and All Ads
  • Members can add unlimited amount of Sites (controlled by admin.)
  • Members can add or Reduce credits for All URL's
  • Ability to Transfer Credits from Auto to Manual
  • Ability to Transfer Credits from Manual to Auto
  • Ability to Transfer Credits from Unique Credits to Manual
  • Ability to Transfer Credits from Unique Credits to Auto
  • Stats shown for Credits Earned and Sites Shown
  • Separate Account for Referral Commissions
  • Transfer Referral Commission to Account Cash
  • Separate Account Cash for Purchases
  • Deposit Link for Members to make All Purchases
  • Purchase Upgraded Accounts
  • Purchase Banner, Text, Surf Bar or Paid to Click Ads
  • Purchase Featured Sponsor Ad Box on Front Page
  • Purchase First Page Ad
  • PTC Ad has its own timer
  • After Purchase View Banner, Text and Surf Bar Ad Stats
  • After Purchase View PTC Ad Stats
  • Purchase Credits from Administration
  • Link for Members to Withdraw Commission Cash
  • Referral Commission History Log
  • Referral Stats and Down Line Benefits
  • Referral Earning for up to 10 Levels
  • Promo Tools, Banners, Splash Pages and Referral URL
  • Earn Credits for showing Referral URL and Splash Pages
  • Cash or Credits earned by Logging in Daily (controlled by admin.)
  • Cash or Credits earned by visiting PTC Ads
  • Earn Cash On/Off Switch for "x" amount of sites and hours
  • Win Credits, Banner or Text Ads with Prize Pages
  • Win Cash or Credits with Jackpot Game
  • Newsletter Bonus Link to Earn Cash or Credits (admin controlled)
Admin Features
  • Easy Installation
  • All Admin Sections have A Help Guide
  • Customized your Site from Admin Area
  • Edit System Templates
  • Edit Site News on Front Page
  • Edit Members News Area
  • Edit and Preview Splash Pages, enable/disable by membership
  • Splash pages that members personalize show as pending for admin approval
  • Set up prize pages, full control, award credits, banner ads, text ads, featured ads, prizes awarded in real time
  • Stats available to monitor credits given through prize pages
  • Progressive surf ratios, enable/disable for auto and manual surf, different ratios can be set for each member level
  • Edit Your FAQ Page
  • Edit Your Terms Page
  • View Members Currently Surfing
  • View System Statistics
  • View System Activity Since Your Last Login
  • Can be used as Auto Surf
  • Can be used as Manual Surf
  • Can be used as Both Auto and Manual Surf
  • Transaction Log for All activity by Members
  • Add Unlimited Upgraded Membership Levels
  • Add Unlimited Banner Ad Packages
  • Add Unlimited Text Ad Packages
  • Add Unlimited Surf Bar Ad Packages
  • Add Unlimited Feature Sponsor Ad Packages
  • Add Unlimited PTC Ad Packages With Timer
  • Add your own Referral Banners
  • Add your own Banner, Text, Surf Bar or PTC ads
  • Sell or use Your own First Page Shown Ad
  • All Ads and Memberships Automatically Expire
  • Upgraded Memberships Automatically Expire
  • Expired Memberships placed in Basic level
  • Quick Scanner to review all Sites
  • Resume Quick scanner to pick up where you left off
  • Easy View, Enable, Disable or Delete Sites
  • Easy View, Enable, Disable or Delete Members
  • Easy to use Search Function for Members
  • Easy to use Search Function for Sites
  • Manage Member Banner ads from one page
  • Manage Member Text and Surf Bar ads from one page
  • Manage Member PTC ads from one page
  • Random Referral On/off Switch
  • Ability for HTML Emails to All Members
  • Email Individuals and different Member Groups
  • Add Bonus Link to Newsletters with Cash or Credits
  • Top 10 Surfer Stats or Referral Stats Visible in Members News
  • Control the Number of Text Ads on Front Page
  • Valid Site before Ability to Surf on/off Switch
  • Ability to Control Daily Surf Limit
  • Ability to Credit All Members with Cash or Credits
  • Ability to Mandate Members to surf for Sign-up Bonus
  • Enable or Disable Surf Bar banners
  • Enable or Disable Banners on each page
  • Enable or Disable Text ads on each page
  • Just one Click to Back-up your DB
  • Just one Click to Restore your DB to an earlier Back-up
  • Block Domain's singly or with a Wildcard
  • Block Emails singly or with a Wildcard
  • Block IP's singly or with a Wildcard
  • Form to Setup Payment Processors
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